Dates of our next London meditation retreats


Two-day partly-silent Osho meditation retreats in Amersham

>>>> Our next retreat Friday Feb 28 2020 (4:00 pm) – Sunday March 1 (approx 3:00 pm) and full information is below. Please note this will be our FINAL retreat in Amersham. Please see the bottom of this page for more details. <<<<<

Our London meditation retreat weekends start with the first meditation at 4:00 on Friday and end late lunchtime on the Sunday. It’s perfectly OK to arrive later by arrangement.

Total cost for a weekend, including food and accommodation in shared rooms, is £150-00. NO! Not £150! – to fill the last few places of this last-ever Amersham retreat, it’s only £75 for the whole weekend. Payment details here:

We have fewer retreats so far planned in 2020 than previously. That’s because of practical things  – house moves and so on – in the lives of all three of us that we have to prioritise.  We’ve currently fixed one date, below, and we will fix others later in the year soon.

Friday Feb 28 2020 (4:00 pm) – Sunday March 1 (approx 3:00 pm)

with live music by Mehboob Nadeem and Mitel Pruhit

Music is sound. Meditation is soundlessness.
The highest music is where the sound does not destroy the soundless moments in between. As the musician becomes more and more refined, he can manage to create sound, and between two sounds he can give you an experience of soundlessness.
That soundlessness touches the heart.


We are delighted to confirm that on Saturday evening we will have a live performance by Mehboob Nadeem, one of the foremost UK sitar players. He will be accompanied by Mitel Pruhit on tabla. It is very special indeed to have a musician of this stature playing in front of such a small audience.

These internationally renowned musicians will be performing meditative ragas. Indian classical music can be a powerful passive meditation technique that has been refined over centuries to facilitate a state of relaxed watchfulness. This will help us in deepening the mindfulness we will have developed over the course of our retreat, which will be structured towards this highlight.

For some friends this may be a completely new approach to meditation. Music in many aspects is central to Osho’s multifaceted approach to meditation:

Indian classical music is not just for entertainment. Listening to it, you start going deep into yourself … Music is born out of deep experiences of meditation; it is a dimension of meditation. By meditating, you may be able to be touched by music, but the reverse is also true: If you are totally absorbed in music, your heart will be touched not only by music but by meditation too. Osho

In addition, Jyoti and Nitya will conduct a sound bath on Friday  evening. This is a another type of beautiful and relaxing  listening meditation that brings depth and vitality into the silence of the inner moment.

Our retreats are aimed at anyone who loves to meet themselves in meditation. They are equally suited to those new to Osho’s unique approach, and to those who have been practising these methods for many years. Everything is fully explained, as much as possible in Osho’s own words.  The meditation sessions are not compulsory, so if you’d rather go for a walk in the adjoining countryside, you are welcome.  Breakfast, only, is in silence.

Stop press – the February 2020 retreat will be our last retreat in Amersham

Dear Friends,

Osho Sakshi is closing in its present form. Next weekend (Feb 28 – March 1) will be the final retreat in Amersham. We invite you to a final retreat and celebration so we go out in style. On Saturday evening we’ll have live music from two outstanding Indian classical musicians, Mehboob Nadeem and Mitel Pruhit. It may be possible to come only for this evening, please ask; though we strongly hope people will come for the whole weekend. ( )

And if you can’t come – please tell your friends!

We’ve really enjoyed running the weekends. And we’ve been deeply nourished by meditating with other meditators. People who only meditate alone, sometimes forget how powerful and helpful it is for meditators to sit together in silence with Osho.

However, we never wished to be organisers and promoters, “selling” Osho to newcomers. We just want to meditate with meditators. Our vision was to find the people who really want to meditate, and facilitate those people coming together in an easy way. There don’t seem to be enough such meditators to fill the weekends without excessive effort. So, we are ending. As Osho says:

One who has become aware, sees everywhere only one thing: that everything is born and dies, everything begins and ends, that everything is a flux.

Our longing to find people who want to meditate together continues, and if that is you, please get in touch. We have by no means given up on our vision, not at all. Our new plan is to first get a group of people together, then book a holiday cottage together to arrange a retreat. We’ve tried this in a small way and it works. Meditating together really is transformative.

As Osho also says:

Everything dies, only witnessing remains.

Witnessing is our eternity, but live it in your actions, in your words, in your responses, in your silences, in your songs, in your dances.

We can create a world of great splendor, in spite of all the idiots who are determined to destroy it.

We warmly invite you to our final retreat in Amersham next weekend, to sit with each other and with Osho in this quest for the eternal that is beyond endings and beginnings, beyond death.

With much love

Jyoti, Nitya, Islam

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