5 June 2019:

Imagine being lost in an icy, heavily  snowed landscape. For days on end, going round and round,  getting more and more desperate to find something, someone.  Then imagine seeing  smoke coming out in the distance. Imagine  reaching it: the warmest, most comfortable house is there!
This is what the meditation weekend is for me.
I didnt have the luck to meet Osho when in his body, yet, I’ve met him. I’ve got my heart full of love for Osho. I listen to his discourses non stop, I practice his meditations, I’ve been in Poona…yet nothing compares with the huge waves of LOVE that this amazing group offers.
It’s 100% Osho: intense, real, transforming, humorous, orgasmic.
Unbelievable music of exquisite quality,  beautiful  choices of extracts from Osho combined with meditations,  totally divine food: abundant, full of flavour and love….
They are the highlight of my month…my year!!, and I’m filled with gratitude to this group that keeps the Osho torch alight.


this was a godsend for me. My first OSHO retreat and many more to follow. as this connects with my work/passion I will be recommending the retreat to my clients/friends.

Thank you to the entire team and guests for making me feel at home.



My very first OSHO retreat and many more to come. Reading his books and listening to his discourses prepared me for this somewhat. Thoroughly enjoyed all the dancing, meditations and discourses. The venue is amazing, food was excellent.

Thank you for organizing this retreat.



Blissfully silent and then… such a social explosion – lovely.

thank you all


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