the Neo-sannyas movement

About Osho and the Neo-Sannyas Meditation Movement

If you ask a dozen friends who Osho is and what His work entails, you will get two dozen different answers!
With this in mind, here is my take:

First, here is a list of what you will not find:
No successor
No holy book
No Ten commandments
No code of conduct
No path to follow
No organisation
No hierarchy
No levels of achievement
No membership
No membership fee

If you have read this far I think I can safely assume you are looking for something more in your life, that there is a longing for silence, for bliss, for an end to struggle. Osho has answered at length many hundreds of questions from seekers of all nations, creeds, backgrounds about all aspects of this search and these answers are at times very funny, surprising, controversial, helpful, encouraging and, yes, enlightening. They also centre on meditation – ten thousand questions, one answer: meditation.
His whole effort is to help us to increase our awareness, our ability to be in this very moment, to perceive ourselves without judgement, without our experiences being filtered through fear or the conditioning and bias instilled in all of us by the very society we live in.
He is doing this by offering a different perspective on the way we view life, ourselves, our surroundings whilst always emphasising the fact that we are the masters of our own path. There is no path that is right for everyone, we all have to find and follow our own way of discovery and listen to the voice of our own inner master.
To awaken this voice, to find the trust to follow this voice, to find the courage to decide afresh each moment how to live, meditation is a must.
Osho has devised many, many meditation techniques so it becomes easier to find a way to allow a state of meditativeness to arise. We can experiment with a whole raft of different approaches to find the one that is right for us, to change techniques when they start to feel stale or when they become an empty routine. This way He encourages us to find the knack of meditation, the way in which meditation permeates our everyday life. It is in this state that we make better, clearer decisions, respond to situations from a more relaxed way of being, are less caught up in emotional reactions and find a fundamental trust in our self. And from this arises joy, bliss, humour, love, relaxation.

So, this is my answer for today. Ask me again tomorrow and I will tell you something else – nothing that will contradict any of this, but still, it will be different tomorrow. Listen to Him, there are thousands of discourses. Read His words, there are hundreds of books. Experiment with his meditation techniques, amongst the hundreds that He has devised and the hundred traditional ways that He has interpreted for the modern man there are ones suitable for you. People around the world are following Osho and living his approach. You can experience this right here in London by booking yourself on the next retreat!